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During March, C.I.E. Telematica S.r.l. has been recognized ADVA Optical Networking’s Value-Added Reseller. The partnership process was born after the acquisition of our historic partner MRV Communications, Inc., whose technologies have been incorporated into the ADVA offer portfolio.

ADVA Optical network, a German-based company founded in 1994, has seen significant growth over the last two decades, thanks to the development of innovative technologies and with strategic acquisitions.
The development path has led the company to establish itself as a technologies provider  for new generation networks worldwide.
With an products portfolio consisting of solutions for open optical network (WDM), Ethernet carrier, NFV and syncronization, ADVA has conquered market share by offering its solutions to service providers and large enterprises.

In particular, ADVA portfolio is made by:

  • The FSP 3000 family – the growing demand for bandwidth and the expectations of access to data-intensive applications with the lowest latency possible, is changing network architectures. The WDM FSP 3000 line are scalable devices that can grow with changing business demands, simplifying the infrastructures, providing flexible services and reducing operating costs;
  • The FSP 150 family – Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and IP devices, which allow to provide MEF certified services with carrier-class performance, designed for demarcation, aggregation and hosting of software appliances, over fiber, copper and TDM networks;
  • Synchronization solutions with Oscilloquartz – modular PTP Grandmaster and GNSS receiver, with management system that allows to simply manage, monitor and configure the synchronization network;
  • Ensemble virtualization solutions – a suite of carrier-class products, which supports pure-play virtualization and optimizes orchestration and service delivery while increasing performance.
  • Fiber monitoring solutions with the ALM family – proactive solution that measures the integrity of the fiber network, to efficiently isolate faults and undertake immediate targeted actions, increasing the quality of service with non-intrusive monitoring.

Thanks to its upstanding innovative capacity, the assimilation of market needs and the strong relationship  with partners, ADVA is able to offer technologically advanced tools for the cloud and mobility world.

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