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C.I.E. TELEMATICA is a company active in the telecommunications market, offering system integration services and networking, data security and IT solutions.


Thanks to the close collaboration with international partners, C.I.E. is able to propose and customize solutions for any type of telecommunications networks (LAN, WAN, WiFi, Wireless, Metro and OTN), ensuring integration with value-added services such as Data Security, video surveillance, performance monitoring of services, smartworking and collaboration solutions, IT infrastructures and much more.

These services have become increasingly critical for customers in different markets, whether they are SMB, large enterprises, utilities, service providers, transport companies or PAs; to meet the different needs, C.I.E. is able to decline its solutions according to the reference markets and the specific requests of customers, offering its know-how, recognized on the market from more than 20 years.


Our primary goal is customer satisfaction through the development of transparent, precise and close collaboration.

By understanding the needs of the markets, we cooperate with our technological partners and constantly invest in updating our know-how, in the aim to provide solutions that are always innovative and consistent with demand.

Last but not least, it’s our responsibility to complete our offer with value-added services, both in the pre-sales phase of design and after-sales phase of assistance, ensuring the safeguarding of our customers’ investments.

Our history

A small telecommunications company become a solution provider and systems integrator: this is the heritage of C.I.E. Telematica, a constantly evolving reality, characterized by a twenty-year culture built day after day, oriented to the future in search of innovative solutions and future-proof technologies.


C.I.E. was founded in 1994 by a small group of experts in the telecommunications sector.


In the first years, C.I.E. establishes strategic partnerships with international vendors, defining its role on the market with highly innovative technologies for the termination of digital services based on TDM technology.


In the early 2000s C.I.E. expanded its portfolio of solutions to the emerging technologies based on Ethernet, IP, Metro and local networking, with IP switches and routers.


Over the next decade, C.I.E. promoted the migration of networks and services from TDM to IP packet switching.


In the same years, new solutions were introduced to implement access networks with various technologies in the operators and service providers market, with connectivity and networking solutions based on fiber optics.

In those years, the growing demand of fiber networking infrastructures allowed C.I.E. to emerge as a solutions provider both in the commercial and industrial sectors, with ruggedized solutions.


With the development of mobile networks, new solutions have been studied for connectivity and back-up applications on 4G/5G networks; the availability of these mobile networks has led C.I.E. to add in its portfolio LoRa and IoT gateway solutions, with edge computing capabilities for the development of smart applications (Smart city, smart grid, smat building...).


In the same period C.I.E. developed new proposals for the service provider market, responding to the growing need for bandwidth that leads operators and SP to update and upgrade their access infrastructures, through new Carrier Ethernet aggregators and terminators up to 100Gb and GPON.


With the aim of offering increasingly integrated solutions, C.I.E. portfolio has expanded with data security and IT services.


C.I.E. celebrates its first 25 years of business, registering constant growth and consolidating its position on different vertical markets.


During Covid-19 pandemic, C.I.E. has developed smart working solutions able to guarantee security and bandwidth availability with SD-WAN technology, collaboration solutions to ensure high levels of operation, both for business and education applications.


C.I.E. opens its e-commerce, with the aim of being more and more present and close to its customers.


Access and connectivity

Access and connectivity solutions for Public and Private Networks, based on copper, fiber, IP high capacity wireless networks and TPM

Data Center

Transport solutions, from passive to active CWDM/DWDM, Data Center interconnection solutions (disaster recovery, optimization of optical infrastructure...) and storage


Traditional and next generation cabling systems (FTTH—FTTO—FTTD)


Networking solutions, including PDH, SDH/SONET, IP, MetroEthernet (C.E. 2.0), MPLS, MPLS-TP

System integration

Data/voice/video system integration, with ICT and storage devices (also rugged), SCADA, teleprotection, cyber and data security, IoT and smart city, virtualization, SLA and performance monitoring.


On-site maintenance services, plant certifications and operational training, as well as pre and post-sales services, project management with the support of our specialized technicians.

Certificate ISO 9001

quality policy 2020

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