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“Condividiamo le esperienze guardando al futuro”. Milano, June 16th and Roma, June 18th.

The idea for this year’s seminars , was to leave an important space for dialogue and discussion with customers attended the events. For this reason the day was divided in three distinct moments, starting with an opening presentation of CIE Telematica, where there was the actively participation of some of our customers, who presented to the audience the solutions implemented together with CIE Telematica in the recent past.
What better way to show our work, if not to leave it  narrated by customers personally involved?

The intervention of our customers / speakers meant that the audience could learn about applications in different reality, also being able to understand how other companies have found solutions to them  problems working with CIE, and perhaps suggesting a hint for application to customers for a future cooperation with our company.

In the second part of the seminar, workshops run by our technicians through six different themed areas, where there were developed  topics such as radio connectivity,  products for Carrier , multi-service and industrial solution and products for tracking system. The thematic areas have been a showcase for new products and solutions, but also a point of discussion and consultation between customers and CIE’s Technical department, presenting  products directly  to the interested customers and submitting our success story.

At the  end of  the day, we left space for individual meetings , a moment of  discussion for  guests who had need for consulting with our technical and commercial managers.

Our idea this year to show the solutions implemented by CIE directly by the speeches of the  interested customers rewarded us with encouraging comments from guests, who have found this to be an alternative way to get to know other realities of  application with an innovative approach in the traditional world of telecommunications

The speakers were so many and we are grateful for  the commitment that they have shown and words they spent on the work undertaken by our company in the past, that revealed how special is the relationship between CIE and its customers.

“Sharing the experiences looking to the future” was a more “livable” seminar that has communicated  to our guests the message we hoped, and it left the space for a direct dialog thanks to the thematic areas with the possibility to reciprocal exchange, leaving the word directly to customers, in order to create a dialogue that will be bidirectional and that will really work as a useful tool to enable us to provide the best offer and a wide horizon on the networks.

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