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TOP-IX (Turin Piedmont Internet eXchange) is a non-profit consortium set up in 2002 with the aim of creating and managing an Internet Exchange – IX for the exchange of Internet traffic in North West Italy.
TOP-IX objectives are linked to the development of productivity in the Piedmont region and all over the North West by using ICT as a key to increase the efficiency of processes and stimulate new business ventures in the sector.
The TOP-IX Consortium has been actively working on several fronts for over ten years now: managing the Internet Exchange infrastructure, running the Development Program, which has been providing support for technological innovation projects and the Streaming platform.

The cooperation between CIE Telematica and TOP-IX starts in 2015, when our company decided to offer to the Consortium a Raisecom GPON demo system, composed by the OLT device ISCOM5508-GP-AC/D, two ONT devices, the ISCOM HT803G-1GE and the ISCOM HT803G-W, and one splitter.

This joint project, after the technology testing by TOP-IX’s technicians,  led to the organization of a presentation on November,5  to the societies members of the consortium, most  of which are city carrier from Piedmont area that offer wireless and fiber  point-to-point connectivity.
In order to make known the PON technology,  our staff presents CIE Telematica’ solutions for last mile access solutions, with particular emphasis on GPON.
The Passive Optical Network, a connectivity solution that is not completely exploited in our country, can be used to provide broadband connectivity in homes with FTTx solutions, and can also be implemented in the business applications.

The GPON system is characterized by  OLT and ONT devices interconnected through a passive optical distribution network.
GPON has important strengths, such as high bandwidth with a greater distance from the central, lower operating costs, it  allows to create open networks, allowing service providers to enable applications with intensive  use of bandwidth and to establish a long-term strategic position in the broadband market.

Our GPON offer  is composed by Raisecom products that are  MEF certified, which are the modular or “pizza-box” OLT model, 1GE or Wireless ONT to offer Ethernet, WiFi and eventually POTS  services, and splitters.

In addition to our GPON proposal, CIE has shown to the guests the xDSL access solutions and, to complete the overview about our company, we present  Carrier Ethernet 2.0 products, MPLS and MPLS-TP technologies, RAD intelligent terminators which are able to support the Distributive-NFV and wireless hyperlan point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solution  within our portfolio.

Our mission is to find solution for client’s connectivity needs and for this reason we are thankful for TOP-IX, who helps us to understand the wants of the Piedmont  city carriers, in the belief that the GPON technology  will be the right solution to them networking necessities.

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