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Versatile and scalable cloud-base solutions

Cloud-based solutions can simplify network management while reducing OPEX.

The deployment and activation of network, devices and services will be faster, with less chance of error, with the guarantee of greater availability and visibility of services, and evidence of the SLA reached and requested.


Our solutions:

Management platforms

Network management and monitoring platforms, supporting standard SNMP protocols, real-time network health visualization, and service activation test (SAT) capabilities

Performance monitoring solutions

Point-and-click & service management provisioning capabilities, with alarm and traps views, uBurst Analysis and Remote Packet Capture capabilities (Whireshark-compatible)

Active measurement of VNFs, PM, and delay

MEF-compliant SLA and performance monitoring solutions for L2/L3 applications, integrated into CPEs or overlays on existing access networks

Cloud-based managed services

Provisioning, monitoring, and centralized security of endpoint devices, with real-time visibility of hardware and software updates, registration of new devices with automatic distribution of wireless and VPN connectivity settings, and with different levels of authorization.

Enterprise video-surveillance, with centralized cloud management and monitoring of all cameras, HD recording, encrypted data and storage included

SD-WAN end-to-end visibility with advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure the best experience for business applications, no matter where they are hosted: SaaS, IaaS, or data center. Monitoring key factors that affect work in office and remotely, identifying network degradation issues in minutes.

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