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Ensure teamwork and operation in any condition

Collaboration solutions ensure you to work anywhere, from any device, sharing tasks with colleagues safely.

These solutions ensure maximum flexibility, with an authentic work experience even in smartworking.


Our solutions:

Collaboration tools

hardware tools (large format screens with integrated audio and video intelligent solutions) and software (istant messaging, calling, videocalling and file sharing platforms) to support and manage communication, collaboration and sharing between employees and with external partners.

Smartworking solutions

Devices and services that support remote workers, sharing and collaboration tools.

Collaboration solutions for co-editing and immediate interaction between workers

Videocalling solutions for content delivery and web conferences

SD-WAN solutions to optimize remote traffic

Data security solutions on devices able to access to network and enterprise cloud remotely, VPN, and access control on notebooks, tablets, and smartphones

IT solutions for your employee and organization, from AI boards to notebooks for remote operational employees

Solutions of provisioning and monitoring for all devices, with real-time controls of hardware/software updates, delivery of configurations and permissions

Educational solutions

education is changing in teaching, learning and administration terms. Students are more digitally involved, and teachers need to reach students in multiple places through remote learning.

Secure and easy-to-use classroom platform-based learning experience to participate, host, and record lessons, track attendance, and ensure better student/teacher engagement with co-editing capabilities and interactive surveys

Collaborate before, during, and after classes with 1:1 and group messaging, with content and file sharing, video calls, and more.

Digital whiteboard, HD audio and video solutions, notebooks, tablets and accessories for students and teachers.

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