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CypherPlug is a miniature small form-factor pluggable hardware product that performs traffic encryption over IP networks; its design is based on another patented RAD product, the MINID.

This new RAD solution acts like a slave and has encryption capability able to ensure plug&play IPsec capacities on P2P and P2MP with no need to change the topology of network and without interfering with the network performance.

In case you need to encrypt a network without replace any hardware, cyberplug allows to have a fully encrypted network just plugging it in the devices installed.

Encryption is done on the payload level so L2 and L3 addresses are capped, this means no need to re-configure VLANs and VPNs because they are not affected by this new device.

The Cyphereplug ensure high performance, 1G wire-speed, and completely secret key that are manageable only from the network manager.


The Cypherplug CPU is totally not involved in the traffic so it’s not possible to hack the device to duplicate the encryption keys; encryption/decryption direction is configurable, so is a flexible solution able to respond to any encryption need.

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