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Digital transformation for enterprises - Cloud, IoT and as-a-service solutions suitable for every enterprise, from an ESG perspective.

How technology can represent added value for companies and employees, from operation, sustainability, efficiency and personal well-being point of view?
This food for thought was offered to us by Ingram Micro who, a few weeks ago, invited us to the EBC offices of Cisco Meraki in London.

Once the mandatory distancing from traditional workspaces caused to covid-19 has been overcome, the reconquest of offices no longer follows the logic of the pre-pandemic period: the collaboration solutions implemented by necessity have been optimized, making sure that we no longer speak only of work in office or smart-working, but of hybrid solutions with new needs in terms of functionality, space and costs.
The dynamic needs of companies require scalable and flexible solutions, which allow to guarantee granularity and flexibility adapted to the pulsating nature of the enterprises.
Nevertheless, sustainability is no longer an option but a critical differentiator for the business. 
The new intelligent and hybrid workspaces must therefore promote worker well-being and data security, efficiency and sustainability, through the implementation of some preliminary concepts:

  • Certified suppliers, able to offer right solutions, whether it is hardware, in the cloud or as-a-service;
  • Vendors who are actively implementing the principles of circular economy, in their production and commercial cycle, with recovery, restoration and/or disposal programs of products, assessing both the environmental impact and the security of the data associated with the products themselves, and with responsible packaging and logistics flows;
  • Choosing products that consume less energy and meet industry sustainability standards;
  • Consider migrating to cloud solutions: a cloud-based solution may be the best option of management and deployment services, ensuring scalability to comaniy’s network needs;
  • Evaluate network optimization through as-a-service solutions: the correct sizing of network is a guiding principle of sustainability, which allows to optimize the network by eliminating inefficiencies and excesses. The Infrastructure-as-a-service allows companies to manage them tecnology as an operating cost, from the network to the IT equipment, and always guaranteeing the right technological equipment according to the needs of the business, with immediate activation or disposal of ports, applications, devices.

From a technological point of view, therefore, what are the main focuses to be evaluated for optimize workspace?
Certainly the energy management of datacenters and control rooms, with the choice of networking and IT equipment with modular design; let’s not forget the importance of secure hybrid work solutions and the implementation of IoT solutions for offices, which allow monitoring and security operations on workspaces, as well as optimized management and predictive detection of possible alerts on resources and IT equipment remotely.

The solutions that we at C.I.E. Telematica can offer for networking, collaboration, security, combine perfectly to ensure that hybrid work becomes a reality, offering inclusive and performing experiences for all employees, wherever they are.
The aim of C.I.E. is to ensure that digital transformation has the power to humanize companies.
For companies supporting ESG policy efforts, cloud solutions and the Internet of Things are key factors in monitoring, managing and supporting technology and their workforce in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.

Wondering if this scenario is right for your business? Contact us, we will be happy to evaluate with you the best solution for your needs.

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