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RAD has introduced a new BiDi QSFP adapter to adapt from double to single fiber, with support for high bandwidth, at low cost.

The new RAD proposal, although simple, is innovative and unique in its kind: it is able to optimize the use of optical fiber in 40G/100G/200G/400G point-to-point links.

Using this new bidirectional adapter (BiDi) allows the transmission of data from any dual fiber 40G/100G module via single fiber.


  • The solution is transparent and passive. It is applied as a converter to QSFP modules in production, thus switching from dual fiber links to single fiber links.
  • It is applicable to QSFP28, QSFP-DD, QSFP+, CFP-2 modules and supports links to 40G/100G/200G/400G, working on the 1300nm window (1291-1312).
  • It does not require any configuration, and does not require external power.
  • It is extremely effective, Low insertion loss: <2db including connectors
  • Allows you to use standard modules in switches, also optimizing the procurement and inventory of modules in production. In single fiber solutions, using Bidi optical modules, each link requires a Type A module and a Type B module. With the proposed adapter, the optical modules are the dual fiber standards, for both sides of the connection. Currently the bidi modules from 40G and more are difficult to find and have very high costs.


  • 40G/100G Access/Aggregation over dark fiber
  • Reduction costs of fiber link
  • Doubling of the transmission band / Doubling of links on dual fiber connections
  • Connectivity between DC and Mini DC
  • Data room connectivity
Download the datasheet here
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