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In the year just ended, one of the biggest grid operator for electricity transmission who operates both in Italy and abroad, with which we already cooperated  in the past, it has contacted us for an industrial application.
The problem described by this company was about the need to connect different counter devices with Ethernet interface, located in remote sites without copper and/or fiber connectivity available.

CIE Telematica solution has been improved using the Gazelle R102i devices, 3G industrial router from Raisecom, which enables  wireless connection.

The Gazelle R102i router is the perfect product to provide data backhaul services when the private or public fixed line connection is no available. The Gazelle offers high speed 2G/3G wireless network  for data transportation, making a fast and secure connection between remote devices, located in several sites.

The project developed by CIE is based on LAN aggregator to terminate the connection, that are located I Control Center, as you can see from the image below:

Answering to the specific client’s request, CIE settles IPsec and GRE tunnel, to guarantee the system security and to prevent that the accessible data could be  tampered,  in order  to provide greater security for network applications.

Gazelle R102i was the right product for this application, very competitive in term of provisioning 4 x FE ports and 1 x Serial port with 3G wireless uplink, which solved the problem linked to the lack of fixed connection, moreover offering the typical characteristics of an industrial product.

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