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The importance of safety measure for our families  and the possibility to safeguard valuable effects, have become major concerns of our times, bringing more and more companies to offer “mapped” security services to monitor the movement of objects or goods, and solutions for monitoring the movements of loved ones, for safety or health reasons.

It’s exactly for this reason that the GPS technology, originally developed for military purposes, it became part of our everyday live, installed in numerous ordinary object  even without users awareness.

The mass market GPS products are become increasingly precise and functional, accessible through many platforms over the Internet or smartphone, and useful for many different applications.

CIE Telematica has just approached this market, adding to its offering the localization solutions and becoming  Gosafe’ system integrators.
Thanks to our recent partnership with the manufacturer of tracking solution, we can offer different types of products to meet dissimilar clients application needs.

Our solutions enable  the localization of objects, people and vehicles, for both businesses and individuals’ needs.

In a business-to-business point of view, CIE Telematica aims to provide solutions that take advantage of GPS technology to track the movements of corporate fleets, calculating routes, miles traveled and driving behaviors, and also to  ensure the safety of isolated workers , with Man Down devices.
In particular, the safety of lone workers in Italy, is ruled by a Legislative Decree which it states that employer must take appropriate measures to protect the health and safety of workers, providing proper communication systems to its employees;  workers’ mobile phone  can’t  be verified in the workplace and therefore do not constitute an appropriate tool, also because it does not have the “Man Down” functionality and it  would not be so useful in case of  injury or faint.
All the solutions proposed by CIE Telematica are characterized by the protection of worker’s privacy and, as a matter of fact,  monitored employees are informed about the procedures with  the prohibition to use personal information by the employers.

Through the Gosafe products we are able to meet various tracking requirements, ensuring a precise detection in order to protect the safety of workers, safeguarding their privacy, but also to optimize the movement of goods and vehicles through real time fleet monitoring systems.

We received interesting feedback from the electronics fair in Novegro, held in June and September, where our clients Wizard Investigation and Central Services, both companies who work in private investigation, proposed the Gosafe solutions, having  particular success.

Above all, the “insiders” as  transportation societies’ employees and security companies were impressed by products such G6S -Powerful Feature Rich GPS Tracker-, CanBus -SMS Serial Interface- and G717 -Cigar Lighter GPS Tracker-, because they found these products new and easy to use, while others people  have asked about product like the G2P -Intelligent Personal GPS Tracker-, the so-called “man-down”, finding it convenient, pocket-sized, easy to use also precise in location.

Our Vendor offers a very rich range of tracking system solutions and, for this reason,  we are sure to find the solution that best fits  with your localization needs, thanks to Gosafe  products.

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