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Nowadays even more clients are looking for solutions that ensure safety, efficacy and control, in the distribution of HD video and audio streams over IP network.
These applications could be developed in smart working fields or for entertainment purpose, and also from security applications to education, according to the Italian Government who wants to promote the adoptions of new technologies in school.
Most of the people found the challenge associated to this type of application is to maintaining the high quality of contents, despite the interoperability problems that can occur between different display or signal formats, and also managing HD video among multiple users without creating bottlenecks or reducing network functionality, ensuring furthermore to the clients a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution.
For this reason, we need to use products that are able to lead and distribute streams, in order to realize a network to transport, to adapt and to convert different audio and video protocols.

The innovation developed by Silora R&D, Israeli society focus on connectivity product development specialized  in Pro AV products and OEM services, its different from the others because besides offering an architecture to send and receive the signals, Silora has also implemented a platform for network management.

Taking advantage from the Virtual Matrix, a IP-based system that allows you to deploy HD audio and video data from a  server to a number of different displays, the manager, who is located in central position, can control the network via central provisioning server, through different browsers and devices, including smartphone and tablet.

The easy deployment and utilization of this type of technology makes us believe that Virtual Matrix are going to be exploited in the near future for more and more applications in different fields, ensuring to the clients a unique using experience.

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