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European leader in transportation market and our client for many years, contacted us to design and develop a network to carry emergency and monitoring services inside a tunnel.

The client need was to identify a ruggedized device, suitable for installation in harsh environment applications, operating with extended temperatures range and featured with integrated 230 VAC power supply.
An inflection point that effects on the choice of the product by the client, was the possibility to support ITU-T G.8032 protocol for ring protection with recovery time lower  than 50ms, since the importance of the services.
Furthermore, the product had to be PoE to connect security cameras, and it had to have serial ports to install message boards inside the tunnel.

The solution developed by C.I.E. Telematica consists in a transport infrastructure that has been divided in two parts, to offer a solution able to cover all the tunnel length, and replicated identically in the first and the second half of the tunnel; each part of the infrastructure is composed by one main ring connected with five subrings, where each ring and subring are compounded from 15 to 20 switches.
The industrial device we selected for this project are part of RAD SecFlow family:

  • SecFlow-2: Ruggedized SCADA-Aware Ethernet Switch/Router, compact device that is able to operate in extended temperature range, offering also integrated 230 VAC power supply (usually this type of industrial product provides only 48 VAC power supply).
    The SecFlow-2 were installed inside SOS cabinet located in niches along the tunnel.
  • SecFlow-4: Modular Ruggedized SCADA-Aware Ethernet Switch/Router, high density and modular device, characterized by double power supply.
    These modular devices were installed in bypass and CE sites, where most of the connection are addressed.
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