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A company who create the communication infrastructures for public and private operators in Italy, has recently call on  CIE Telematica to find  monitoring solution for business services over SDH.

The customer’s  need is to monitor a service on  SDH / PDH link, through a device that is compact but at the same time offers  combo ports in fiber and copper, both from the user side that within the network, and that could also supports third party SFP. This device must be able to send information, such as alarms and traps, relating to the link monitored, in such a way as to allow to restore the operation of the link and correct  possible fault.

The product  proposed by CIE is MiNID, a programmable network interface device, which is part of the RAD D-NFV portfolio based on FPGA core (not X.86 platform). This product is a plug & play solution, which allows to perform an upgrade of legacy network equipment and the introduction of new services.
MiNID is available in two versions: SFP sleeve,  to upgrade the existing install base with minimum commissioning costs, and in the standalone version,  compact size suitable and flexible interface selection.

For client’s necessity, CIE Telematics has decided to propose MiNID in its standalone version:

  • 2 x FE/GE with auto-negotiation with two HW options:
  1.     2 x SFP/RJ-45 Combo interfaces w/ external PS
  2.     2 x RJ-45 with bypass relay, external PS
  • Small size: 4.4” x 4.4” x 1.1”  (113mm x 113mm x 29mm)
  • No fans
  • Mini USB interface for local SW download (SFP-CA functionality)
  • Mounting options: Wall, and rack; full outdoor option planned for 2015 (with wall and pole mounting)
  • External PS with locked connector
  • Extended temperature range

MiNID offers Service Demarcation functionality:

  • Flexible classification with wire-speed packet handling up to 1Gbps
  • S-VLAN attachment, priority marking and L2CP tunneling
  • SyncE support (Sleeve only)

and Monitoring and Diagnostic functionality:

  • Service validation with RFC 2455/ Y.1564 responder
  • Continuity check and SLA assurance with 802.1ag, Y.1731 and TWAMP responder for single and double tagged services
  • On-demand loopback with UDP, IP and MAC swap
  • Dying Gasp message upon power failure.

Considering  the scenario of this particular application, MiNID has been inserted into the link which has to be monitored, and it  replace the copper and fiber media-converter present within it, since MiNID standalone, in addition to functions of demarcation and monitoring on Layer-2,  also acts like an intelligent media converter, and  allowing to monitor  the service and giving the opportunity to quickly find problems relating to the SDH / PDH link, the whole with reduced investments.

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