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BBE – Brianza Bilingual Education – bilingual school offers a educational programs from kindergarten to primary school, was born from the need to promote a stimulating a new school environment rich of goals and successes, offering a highly motivating bilingual education following a cutting-edge didactic approach.

C.I.E. Telematica si occupa di telecomunicazioni da più di 25 anni, fornendo consulenza e soluzioni di connettività e networking, ICT, data security e system integration. Know-how e dinamicità rendono  C.I.E. il Solution Partner con cui sviluppare nuovi progetti: la scelta di tecnologie innovative e servizi a valore aggiunto permettono di incrementare  diverse soluzioni, studiate in base alle esigenze del mercato verticale e del cliente.


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In this new Covid-19 era, school necessarily need to reshape itself, providing teachers, students and families useful and functional tools to stay connected.

The idea of hybrid learning was born during the lockdown when, with the slogan “BBE connected by the heart”, the school decides to commit itself to maintaining a strong connection with families and their pupils.

Hybrid Learning means to provide an educational and training service through a synergistic approach made by in-presence teaching and distance learning.
The classroom is still the space where the lesson takes place, however it is configured as a flexible and open thanks to the support of technology, enhancing the social dimension of learning, the production of content, the exchange of experiences, the resolution of problems. The child at home feels not alone, but  “connected” with his friends at school and teachers.

From the desire to offer the possibility of effective learning and remain “connected by the heart”, despite the physical distances and limits that we must respect, BBE has decided to rely on C.I.E. Telematica, for the definition of hybrid learning solutions ad-hoc for its classes.

C.I.E. Telematica has developed a set of integrated solutions, developped in three approaches:

  • The first school-oriented approach, digitalizing  the classroom through the use of interactive multi-touch monitors, better known as Multimedia Interactive Whiteboard. The interactive monitor replace the traditional whiteboard by lying its practicality and allowing the sharing of content, even to students who attend lessons from home;

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  • A teacher-oriented approach, providing a single-ear wireless headphone designed to keep in contact with students at home and students present in the classroom;
  • The third and final approach dedicated to students, with the identification of robust notebooks with battery that lasting up to 10 hours, designed for the typical BBE user, i.e. children from 6 to 11 years old. Lenovo Chromebooks, simple, intuitive and equipped with Chrome operating system, were the best choice from BBE’s perspective to bring students closer to digital environments, also considering the choice made by BBE itself in using the Google education suite. These same notebooks have also been provided to teachers to standardize computer equipment with the aim of facilitating the resolution of technical problems.

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What’s next?

An additional step to what has already been proposed to BBE should be a new collaboration software oriented to the optimization of participation wherever the users are (in presence or remotely), usable on any type of device and protecting the privacy of users.
All content provided through this new software would be automatically saved and accessible by users at any time.

In addition, new all-in-one collaboration devices, with camera, smart microphones and artificial intelligence, will improve the user experience of remotely connected students, creating a virtual environment and a bond between students.

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