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A leading society in transportation market and our client since many years, asked to CIE Telematica to re-designing part of its network, in order to migrate from an outdated MSTP convergence protocol to the latest G.8032 .

The application, illustrated in the image, is made by two switches interconnected with four MSTP ring; all the rings have the same management VLAN but they have different traffic VLAN one from each other.
Every rings have eight nodes, where are installed two switches Layer 2.

Over time, services’ criticalities have become increasingly important and for this reason it appeared necessary move to a new convergence protocol with faster recovery times, that allow to take action on the network by improving its efficiency and reliability.
Client’s request was to apply a live migration site-by-site with the application still operative, maintaining the existing network infrastructure, which doesn’t support G.8032 protocol, and also considering the existing VLAN plan, minimizing the disruption of the service.

CIE has proposed a solution composed by a device with redundant power supply to guarantee the continuity of the service, to allow the transition from two switches in every single node to a single device that works on the ring;  the new switch introduced does not require an high ports granularity, because we are going to use 2 ports to manage the G.8032 ring and other 2 ports to connect the device to the existing infrastructure, where MSTP protocol will run to guarantee an additional redundancy level even in the single node.
We have selected  OS906G-M/E product, MRV device from OptiSwitch family, characterized by dual redundant and pluggable power supplies and timing & synchronization supporting models, that is perfectly designed to converge premium L2 and L3 services into single cost effective and yet scalable unified devices.

For this application in particular, the product MRV OS906G-M/E fits the needs of the customer because:

  • It works in extended temperature range
  • Carrier Ethernet service demarcation: MEF compliant CE2.0  services;  MEF 9, MEF 14, MEF 21 compliance;
  • Carrier-grade resiliency with sub 50ms recovery time; ELPS G.8031 and ERPS G.8032;
  • MSTP and G.8032 on the same device.
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