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On 11th and 12th May took place the fifteenth edition of M2M Forum at Arese, a city in the Milan area.
M2M Forum was born  in 2002 with the appearance of machine-to-machine reality, in recent years has established itself as not-to-be-missed event for the IoT industry, and for this reason it has been included among the fundamental events of the Milan Disruptive week, a week of events dedicated to disruptive and emerging technologies, with a focus on M2M, IoT, Robotics, wearable tech, drones, wireless 2.0 and Smart Home.

The event was an important opportunity to analyze the development state of these technologies and applications till now, and take a look at business models and future challenges the operators of this market are going to facing.

This year’s M2M event saw more than 1,200 participants from 20 countries and 83 companies including sponsors, exhibitors and partners.

The hottest topics discussed during the conference were related to the development of Smart City, an interconnected, sustainable and safe city, and all the solutions related to this concept, such as Smart Home, Smart Lighting and Smart Health; lot of discussion were about Big Data, Cloud and the new concept of Fog Computing, who played an important role during these two days of presentations and networking, catching the attention of the participants for their ability to perfectly fit  in the IoT environment as a solution to connect a large number devices, located in different sites .

In the current market, data emerges as key elements, which can be a source of innovation and thus give a new impetus to business; the ability to extract and process data from machinery and products give to companies the power to become more efficient and to increase customer satisfaction, and for this reason it’s clear the natural and logical connection between Smart City and Big Data.

When we used to talk about IoT , actually we do not refer to an abstract concept far from reality, because the applications who  see different “objects” talk to each other are common to everyone right now;  in this new scenario, the M2M Forum has definitely contributed to the development of discussions and new ideas, which will allow reduce the distance between customers and societies, thanks to the Internet of Things.

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