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RAD high performance multiservice access concentrator  Megaplex-4 is now enhanced with RAD’s Distributed NFV (D-NFV) module, enabling future integration of software functions and applications, such as routing, firewall, encryption, SCADA, and more.

The Megaplex-4 offers an x86 virtualization module for hosting virtualized functions (VFs) and applications. The D-NFV module runs on DNFV-OS, which includes standard KVM hypervisor and OpenStack compute node to support RAD VFs and third-party applications.

RADview D-NFV Orchestrator enables easy VF download. Supported applications include:

  • Router. Virtual router for hosted public clouds and branch CPE deployments
  • Cryptography: Standard AES 256-bit cipher encryption/decryption of L2-L4 traffic
  • Firewall: Unified threat management for provider-managed SMB services
  • Session Border Controller (SBC): Manages VoIP signaling and media flows
  • Packet Analyzer: Troubleshooting-on-demand from the customer edge using a packet sniffer VF
  • WAN Optimization: Eliminates content duplication, handles compression and optimizes latency

With D-NFV module is  – the easiest way to introduce new services and applications on existing platforms, Megaplex-4 which is one of the best-seller product by RAD is a future-proof device.

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