C . I . E

Digital transformation starts from the network

High-performance network developed on different infrastructures.

C.I.E. realizes and designs the latest generation of networking solutions, future-proof and ready to support the growth and evolution of companies.

Safeguarding customer investments with hybrid solutions able to communicate with established technologies.

Our solutions:

Access solution

Ethernet and Legacy Service Aggregators and Terminators, according to MEF CE 2.0, MPLS, MPLS-TP standards

Layer2 and Layer3 switches, from 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet to 10-40-100 Gbps

Whitebox with Virtual Functions (VNF)

GPON solutions with OLT and ONT, stand alone & SFP stick form factor, for Ethernet and other services (e.g. voice, IPTV, etc.)

"Multi-service" solutions

Low-speed, high-speed, LAN, voice and video data solutions; Support of Teleprotection services; Support of MEF CE 2.0, IP and SDH protocols with secure ring network configurations.

Multiplexers and heterogeneous service aggregators/terminators for critical infrastructure networks, in TDM technology, IP Ethernet, MPLS, MPLS-TP, with the possible integration of NFV virtual functions.

Aggregators and Terminators of Ethernet Services on: PDH/ SDH connections, fiber connections, wireless connections, with stand alone or SFP form factor.

Datacenter interconnection solutions

Passive (CWDM) and active (DWDM) optical mux—demux, and OTN up to 100Mbps.

Point-to-Point and ring configuration, with link and service protection.

IoT solutions for Smart City, Smart Grid and Smart Building applications

L2/L3 rugged switch, media converter, 4G/ LTE/ WiFi Router, with 19″ DIN bar and/or rack mounts and PoE / PoE+ /PoE++

Cyber Security solutions with support for C101 and C104 protocols

Backhaul networks on Fiber, copper or wireless mobile, for urban networks and IoT industrial services (e.g. video surveillance, public wifi, smart lighting and parking, traffic control, etc.)

Wireless Solutions

Hyperlan Point-to-Point and Point-to-MultiPoint systems for Ethernet and/or Ethernet and legacy data traffic

Hyperlan Point-to-MultiPoint for wireless mobility applications

Point-to-Point Systems on Licensed Bands (7 to 38 GHZ) High Capacity for LAN Traffic

Indoor/outdoor wireless solutions, such as Ethernet access points and hot spots and wi-fi guests

Back-up solutions via 4G


Cabling certification tasks

Monitoring system on optical network infrastructure

solutions for distributed optical wiring (Fiber to the Home, fiber to the office, fiber to the desk) integrating active devices, aggregation and termination switches (dimensions 45x45mm) for mounting on floor turrets, wall plates, etc. able to support and provide PoE

GPON systems with modular OLT, multi-service ONT, SFP PON, etc., on passive optical infrastructure with passive optical splitters

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