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RAD will present at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona its new vCPE-OS software, together with the ETX-2v white box.

The vCPE-OS is become part of RAD’ s Service Assured Access Solution, running on any white box server and pre-loaded in RAD’s vCPE devices, including the new ETX-2v, that joins ETX-2i Whitebox+, universal CPE (uCPE) with pluggable x86 server module and hardware acceleration options, in RADs vCPE solutions portfolio.

The open vCPE platform ETX-2v is design to be installed at customer premises to support a wide range of business customers and user scenarios. The device features an x86-based D-NFV module for hosting virtual functions and applications. The D-NFV module runs on vCPE-OS, which includes standard KVM hypervisor and OpenStack compute node to support third-party applications.

  • Powerful x86 processor, hosting certified third-party VNFs (firewall, encryption, etc.)
  • White box (pure compute platform) uCPE option
  • Zero-touch and call-home provisioning
  • Advanced routing capabilities, secure tunneling/VPN
  • Comprehensive vCPE-OS operating system, including a management and security suite, compatible with third-party white box platform
  • Orchestration to deploy and chain VNFs, FDN support
  • Supported infrastructure includes Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, DSL, GPON and TDM

RAD offers a complete solutions that includes L2/L3 NIDs featuring virtualization engine, physical CPE (pCPE) devices, enhanced white box (Whitebox+) offerings, a powerful operating system (vCPE-OS) pre-integrated into RAD devices and available for third-party white box platforms, pluggable devices to accelerate server performance, and management and orchestration for the network edge.
This solution is complemented by RAD’s D-NFV Alliance, an ecosystem of network orchestrator and VNF vendors, as well as international system integrators specializing in new pre-certified NFV/vCPE applications.

By realizing the OS as a standalone software, RAD is able to offer the much-needed  flexibility requested from the market, separating hardware from software.

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