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Our first meeting took place in April, in Rome where CIE, accompanied by RAD, had a chance to get in touch with the Association of the Italian internet providers (AIIP).
On September,30 we had the pleasure of meeting AIIP’s associates for the second time, during a workshop focused on access networks, having the chance to speak to the audience attendant for the occasion.
During the meeting, our company has been faced with the other sponsors, such as AVM and their Fritz box, Brocade and Cisco, and we were able to present next-generation access solutions from  our offering portfolio.

The most important focus of our business is the technological upgrading, and for this reason we were able to present Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified MEF products , MPLS and MPLS-TP solutions, and technologies for xPON and FTTx.

Our multi-vendor offer gave us  the opportunity to distinguish ourselves from other sponsors and to be able to offer to the providers a wide variety of solutions in different price ranges.

AIIP gave us the opportunity to become more familiar with the offering of the internet services reality and to meet the providers  in this market , hoping to be able to work closely with them in future, in order to implement CIE Telematica solutions that meet the needs of  the Italian internet providers.

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