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Some transportation companies contacted CIE Telematica to find fleet’s  monitoring and localization solution. The same solution has been tested by CIE with another transportation society in the end of July.

The project developed by our company begin first of all from the integration, inside the fleet vehicles, of  Gosafe’s CanBus control systems, a device that is able to read and record telemetry data and the tachograph, giving the possibility to the administrator to know the miles paths, driving time incurred by the driver, percentage of acceleration and cruising speed, that are critical data for the transportation companies, useful to optimize the fleet management.
This system allow the reading from the engine data through CanBus,  and also the “legal” information, because it’s given the opportunity to install a magnetic card reader, where are recorded the driver ID and the driving behaviors during the route (data that can be downloaded from  the competent authorities).

Associated with Gosafe device, CIE Telematica offers a solution for messaging management through the installation of a GPS device on board, with whom the transportation society can decide the fleet handling, according to the traffic and to the maps, both updated in real time, giving the opportunity to choose the routes of trucks based on the proximity to the actual destination of interest.
Through the device installed on board, driver receives a message about the assignment from the company and accepting it  the GPS navigation automatically starts towards the place to reach.
A very important feature of this technology is linked to the concept of security: this GPS device acts as a “black box” because inside it there are cameras which can record audio and video of what happens on the road, can emit a beep when records a slip of the vehicle from lane to lane. These recordings are an important guaranty for both the driver, because it ensure his safety, both for the company that, in case of accidents involving the fleet vehicles, will have tools to understand the dynamics of the event.

To conclude the project, CIE also offers a solution to manage the shipment documents, through 3G/4G device that is able to read the bar code on the delivery note and send it in real time to the company’s head office to obtain permission to proceed; when the bar code is recognized, the mobile device scans the documentation and it send a copy to the administrative office, where it can be handle in real time, without having to wait for the return of the vehicle to have the hard copy, having in this way time and cost advantage.

The entire solution is managed and monitored by the company with a software offered by CIE Telematica, that collects the data from CanBus in real time and records on the maps the vehicle movements.

We can say that CIE Telematica’ solution is characterize by three components: CanBus is part of our product portfolio related to the tracking solutions while the other two components, which are the GPS device and the portable device used to manage the shipment documents, are products that our society is able to offer thanks to agreements with leading companies.

Gosafe products and monitoring and managing software connected with them, are suitable for all application requirement and they can be easily integrated with fixes and mobile devices depending on the customers’ need, allowing us of CIE Telematica to find a specific solution for your needs.

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