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A society service partner for all the mission-critical private and public networks, asked us to find a connectivity solution for one of its partner.

The need was to replace an old generation radio link, with a new technology able to provide a higher bandwidth capacity to connect an offshore platform in the Adriatic Sea with a 15 km distant base on the mainland, with a point-to-point link.
In particular, the client asked for a technology that works on licensed band, with 100 Mega  of  band capacity and redundancy.

C.I.E. Telematica solution was based on Ceragon’s device FibeAir IP-20G, multi-radio technology edge node, an hybrid, split-mount hauling solution for edge and ring nodes.  Its fixed configuration and low power consumption make it simple to install and maintain. Hosting the common capabilities of the IP-20 platform, it provides a cost-effective, reliable and flexible hauling solution.

IP-20G perfectly fitted with client needs because, when that device works in 1+1 configuration,  it ensure the redundancy required, with a good bandwidth capacity available even on long distances links and, in addition, the device is also suitable for installation in harsh environments.

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