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Origgio is an Italian town of about 8000 people in the province of Varese, North-West of Italy. 
With an area of about 8 km2, public & citizens safety is guaranteed thanks to 140 “eyes” focused on accesses, streets, squares and parks.
The video surveillance network is working 24 hours per day and ready to monitor events of interest within the city limits.
The same attention is researched in the operations center, where agents guarantee constant coverage for the operation of these fundamental security services.

C.I.E. Telematica was involved by the Municipality of Origgio to analyze possible solutions and integration with new technologies, with the aim of implementing a digital transformation process.
The needs highlighted by the Municipality were the following:

  • To create of an operations center able to keep under control and monitored cameras 24 hours a day;
  • To identificate a portable and reliable solution to be used on board of police cars for public safety;
  • The implementation of a solution that allowed the immediate notification of tickets.

C.I.E. developed the solution starting from a new control room in Local Police: the installation of a 2×2 video wall of 55″ monitors allowed to efficently view video images from cameras installed in the city.

As  mobile solutions supplied on Police vehicle, the installation of GETAC tablets gave to the patrols the opportunity to live view and to review recorded video of the Municipality’s cameras. 

The same GETAC tablets, equipped with an integrated camera, can be transformed into a real mobile recording station, activated by the control center, able to record and view everything that is filmed on board of the vehicle.

GETAC tablet is also used to read car plates and the installation of small portable printers on board of police vehicles will allow the management and immediate notification of tickets, as desired by the customer.

The implementation of the technological solution for public safety, traffic management and urban decorum has allowed the Origgio Police to become a reference point for all neighboring municipalities.

According to Alfredo Pontiggia, commander of Origgio Police, “From the design to the delivery of the project, the collaboration with C.I.E. turned out to be an opportunity to develop lots of ideas. C.I.E.’s technical capabilities and their work in harmony with vendors allowed us to identify the technology that would meet our present and future needs.”

Under the guidance and management of Commander Pontiggia, the solution implemented by Origgio will also be replicated in the nearby town of Uboldo.

The solution proposed by C.I.E. Telematica proved to be successful because:

  • The idea of having GETAC tablets on board of vehicles  represented an additional video surveillance node, which can be managed by the operations center, viewing and recording the images taken by the webcam;
  • Professional services have answered to the customer’s needs, from the  design to the after-sales phase;
  • The solution proposed by C.I.E. has been able to synergistically integrate different technologies, satisfying needs of the customer, in a single structured solution.
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