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Critical infrastructures are more and more victims of cyber-attack: almost any operational network running a mission critical application is vulnerable to some kind of hacking embarrassment, harassing or real risk of operational loss and damage.
SCADA transmission and distribution, Smart metering, ticketing and billing for public transport and all the application related to Smart Cities require cyber secure communications.

Risks connected to cyber-attacks are:

  • Force tripping of protection relay – power disconnection
  • Modification of protection relay settings
  • Incorrect reporting on loading conditions
  • False reporting of equipment condition
  • Denial-of-service – elevate state of alert

Cyber security cannot be achieved by implementing technical measures only, it should be actively supported by Senior Management policies and organizational security awareness.
To have a security management plane, utility OT networks contains Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in the substation such as RTUs, PLCs, IEDs, protection relay, should add security layer for secured remote access to the Management Ports (serial or Ethernet)  and device connection control to substation data or management plane.

Thanks to the joint venture with Check Point, RAD is able to offer a complete cyber security solution, putting large Check Point appliance in the center of the network, in front of the SCADA master/HMI, and SecFlow in each substation behind the SCADA/ICS devices.

With RAD’s Cyber Shield solution, the SecFlow security gateway isolate ICS/automation device from attack vectors on management and SCADA planes.

The Cyber Shield is able to upgrade existing operational technology (OT) networks with intermediate security for secure remote and local access, SCADA aware firewall, intrusion prevention system functionality, man-in-the-middle attack prevention, encryption, device connection control, event logger, and anomaly detection. This solution fits any OT network architecture and ICS/SCADA device connectivity (serial or TCP).

Cyber Shield can be also used  for automation backhaul as a security solution for sites connected via public cellular networks. This is an automated KPI solution for remote sites with dynamic IP address allocated from cellular APN.

RAD end-to-end solutions can help critical infrastructures protect them networks with low deployment costs and low OPEX, it’s characterized by a simple, pre-integrated and automated deployment and nevertheless it’s easily maintained.

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