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RAD offers resilient communications for railways, metros, highways, and air traffic control between control centers, remote installations and fast-moving vehicles.
Solutions for Multiservice Operational WAN studied for Trains and Metros ensure Protected Connectivity between Stations and Control Rooms, ensuring lots of benefits:

  • Protected connectivity between stations and control room using multi-drop and ring topologies
  • Mission-critical railway applications support: automatic train supervision (ATS), centralized traffic control (CTC), SCADA, multiparty hotlines, passenger information systems (PIS)
  • Legacy: TDM and Ethernet traffic delivery over TDM/IP/MPLS/OTN
  • Analog and digital data and voice, Ethernet IEDs, from RS-232 up to STM-64/OC-192 or 10 GbE
  • Extended service reach to remote M2M and video devices
  • P2P, P2MP radio connectivity for high capacity traffic over licensed and unlicensed bands;

Speaking about wireless solutions, RAD’ solutions for Bi-Directional Broadband Connectivity on Moving Vehicles, Deliver on-board video surveillance, infotainment and WiFi in moving vehicles using easy-to-deploy base stations and Ethernet access switches ensure:

  • Bi-directional broadband connectivity in moving vehicles at up to 300 km/h (186.4 mph)
  • Guarantee high capacity mobile video and data connectivity for ruggedized mobile units
  • Up to 100 Mbps total throughput
  • Seamless handover for real-time video streaming
  • Coverage reliability over long distances in various terrains and topologies, inlcuding in metro and underground installations
  • 10-GbE core rings ensure reliable connectivity with appropriate quality of service for various applications

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