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One of the three largest wireline service providers in Germany, who holds 90% market share in one of the regions of his State, provides Ethernet business services to “VIP” customers (which are Government and owned enterprise), and the majority of theese Ethernet services are offered based in a SDH network (EthoSDH technology over fiber access).

The requirement of the Carrier was to find a Performance Monitoring solution to monitor end-to-end Ethernet services over their existing network infrustracture, and generate monthly report to be deliveret to their “VIP” customers, and a PM user interface that must be in local language.

A key element that influenced the choice of the product to a vendor over another, depended on the will to maximize the reuse of existing infrastructure and minimal changes.

The solution should be deployed over the existing network infrastructure, consisted of various equipment types and provide a unified performance monitoring and fault management overlay.

Nevertheless, the addition of any box or stand alone device to the network was to be avoided, as it would cause long approval process and  delay the deployment.

The solution proposed by RAD is the folowing:

  • Pm generator – MiNID installed in end customer HQ monitors up to eight branches;
  • PM reflector – MiNID installed at the end customer branches using either:
    Network port of end-customer routerin cases where the router is equipped with SFP port;
    User port of MSAP (SDH terminal mux) in case customer router has only UTP interface;
  • MiNIDs ae managed via dedicated VLAN over SDH MSTP (support L2 aggregation/bridging).

RAD’s solution was chosen by the Carrier because:

  • MiNID is not just a PM reflector/responder but also as PM generator/actuator (active OAM) for 8 remote branches
  • MiNID can be deployed over existing network infrastructure with minimal changes
  • MiNID is an SFP based solution, and does not have to go through lengthy homologation processes compared to box/stand-alone devices
  • MiNID FE and GE versions allow deployment flexibility
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