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To answer to the major telecom disruption in service provider market, which consist in the rollout of NFV/SDN, RAD strategy to get to the market  is focused on two main solutions: EADs (Ethernet Access Devices) and vCPEs (virtual CPE).

In particular, the dynamics that drive the vCPE market are:

  • The deployment models, on premises with VNF on the physical CPE, or in Cloud;
  • The implementation, in 2017, of SD-WAN and vCPE project in real scenarios;
  • The potentiality  to generate new revenue and reducing OpEx, using the vCPE;
  • Cost saving in logistics and deployment, installation, production, fault management and monitoring.

The ability to integrate different virtual functions in one box, with the possibility to orchestrate and manage the network, now it’s possible thanks to RAD’s vCPE Toolbox, a full set of device and functionality that can answer to service provider’s needs.

The Toolbox is composed by :

  • vCPE OS – operating system for carrier-grade transportation and virtualization, that runs on all RAD’s vCPE and 3rd party x86 platform; it’s characterized by open architecture with zero touch provisioning.
  • VNF offering – ecosystem of vendors’ virtual network functions, that can be deploy on whitebox or via cloud.
  • 3rd party orchestrators – smoothly integrated with RAD’s vCPEs.
  • ETX-2 family – whitebox uCPE and whitebox+ with additional HW features.
  • vAccess – pluggable with VNF integrated and manageable.
  • RADview – Network management & orchestrator system, as Virtual Infra Manager and Performance Monitoring portal.

The new entry in the Toolbox is RAD’s vAccess that will move up the value chain with unique VNF development. All pluggable devices will have virtual functions that are manageable via RADview platform and that can be hosted on any vCPE.
These plug-in will have a variety of functionalities and  integrates appliances into VNF, to provide data plane conversation, Service Assured Access to vCPE, and the new possibility to monitor all the pluggable devices and analyze them performances.

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