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Few months ago, Sales people from Raisecom came to visit us in CIE Telematica, to have updates about new technologies and solutions, and we took the opportunity to visit our historical customers with them.
From one of this meetings with a service provider located in the north of Italy, specialized in smart city and safe city applications, was born a new interesting project related to MPLS technologies, that has led to plan a compatibility test to evaluate interoperability between their MPLS CORE – implemented with Juniper devices – and the Raisecom RAX711-R, Multi-service Ethernet/MPLS Intelligent Terminal, and the service access aggregation device iTN201-R-4GF.

The necessity shown by the provider for its new IP/MPLS network is to find a technically reliable and cost-effective access solution, to offer L3VPN, VPLS and pseudowire services to users.
A month later, Raisecom technicians have joined us to move the first step towards this project, with the preliminary testing session into our client’s premises, in order to ensure the compatibility as required by the provider.

Client requirements are linked from the desire to connect the backbone with MPLS Raisecom devices, to then activate OSPF, BGP, LDP and potentially RSVP between Raisecom and Juniper. Subsequently we should test Raisecom devices capability to act as an access CPE for a PC (DHCP etc.).
The second step will be to test the VPLS, to configure a L3 VPN on MPLS backbone and on Raisecom devices and test the correct routing propagation, evaluating the reachability between a PC connected to Raisecom devices and a loopback or a physical device in the backbone.
To conclude we will verify which kind of pseudowire should be used  to connect a physical port of a Raisecom device with the physical port of a Juniper device.

The project is still under development, but by cooperating with our vendors and thanks to the consultations with the customer, we are confident of being able to find the solution that best fits their networking needs.

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