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An electronical power transmission utility, leader in the Italian market with its more than 63000 Km of high-voltage powerline, that makes it one of the biggest operator in the world, askes to C.I.E. to implement a solution for a teleprotection application.

Client requirements were to connect differential teleprotection and legacy services over existing SDH/DWDM backbone. In particular:

  • Each SDH transport the teleprotection interface plus other tributary services, such as legacy services, data and voice;
  • Could be used to transport low-speed data interface (over V.35 and aggregate over Ch.E1);
  • Ring coupling is made via DWDM backbone.

Our  solution was developed by using RAD Megaplex-4 devices, multiservice hybrid platform in each substation, directly connected with differential teleprotection units, using C37.94 protocol.
Megaplex-4 is a modular device and RAD has developed a module for remote teleprotection, that can be used to transmit contacts via IP, SDH or E1 network.

This device was chosen by C.I.E. Telematica and approved by the client because, differently from what the competitors proposed, Megaplex-4 is a single box  multiservice platform that offers a cost-effective and reliable solution and, not less important, it’s future-ready for migration to packet core.

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