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In an increasingly crowded and competitive market, where more and more companies  try to get the largest slice of demand through price and offer strategies, the direct contact with customers and the ability to establish a long term and constant relationship with them is  becoming extremely  important.

RAD Data Communication, the Israeli company of which CIE is distributors in Italy, and our company undertake to organize annual seminars, just to create relationship that bring benefits for both the companies their selves an for the clients, in order to be able to illustrate the commercial news but also to receive direct feedback from customers and promote a bidirectional dialogue.

Part of CIE’s staff participated to RAD partners meeting  “Breaking boundaries together”, held in Eilat from 10th to 13rd May. The meeting was organized with a busy  agenda that offered opportunities for discussion in order to find solutions in collaboration with RAD, analyzing together product innovation, sales tools and market positioning strategies, but also part of time was left for fun and relaxation.

RAD meeting ended with a flourish for  CIE Telematica, which has been awarded with the title of “Best Service Assured Networking Solution Partner” in both the European and global scenario.

Regarding CIE, last month we have been involved in the annual seminar for our customers, 16th June in Milan and 18th June in Rome. The choice of two different locations was not made at random: our partners are distributed throughout all Italian territory and we decided to had our conference in Milan and in the capital in order to allow a greater number of customers to be able to participate without difficulty.
The idea for the seminar “Condividiamo le esperienze guardando al futuro” (Share experiences looking forward  to the future) was to leave an important space for dialogue and discussion with customers attended the events. For this reason the day was divided into two distinct moments, starting with an introductory company overview of CIE Telematica, where some of our customers actively participated, presenting to the audience the solutions implemented in the recent past together with  CIE.

In Milan the speakers were Alessandro Bartolini from Selene, Alessandro Naldi from  Infracom, Stefano Pietropaolo from Iren Group, Alessandro Galardini from Top-ix, Nicola Tomasi from Alto Garda Servizi and Massimo Santini from ASM Bressanone, while in Rome the application were presented by Tonino Laganà from  RFI and Roberto Grazzini from Infracom, and others solution developed for Fastweb and Autostrade were shown by CIE.

The speakers explained the projects developed by CIE Telematica, holding high the attention of listeners with our success stories and suggesting hints for application to clients for future cooperation with our company.

In the second part of the seminar, workshops run by our technicians through five different themed areas, where there were developed  topics such as radio connectivity,  products for Carrier , multi-service and industrial solution and products for tracking system. The thematic areas have been a showcase for new products and solutions, but also a point of discussion and consultation between customers and CIE’s Technical department, presenting  products directly  to the interested customers and submitting our success stories.
The speakers were so many and we are grateful for  the commitment they have shown  and the  words they spent on the work undertaken by our company in the past, that revealed how special is the relationship between CIE and its customers, but also it gave the opportunity for customers to approach with different realities and to establish new contacts with people present, creating new relationships even between the different customers who have attended the seminar.

In short, “Share the experiences looking forward to the future” has communicated the message we hoped to our guests, proposing a workshop more “livable”, that left moments for a direct dialogue and the opportunity for a reciprocal exchange, leaving the word directly to customers.

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