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Service Level Agreements or SLA, are tools used to define service metrics that must be observe by the service provider while is delivering his performances to users/clients. SLA are fundamental to effective service provision, becoming the bases for managing  the relationship between provider and user.
Defining SLA means to ensure the provider understands what they are supposed to deliver, the user know what to expect from the service received, and both can empirically measure what is actually being delivered.

You cannot improve SLA monitoring without measurements: metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are a core of SLA. KPI for the service must reflect the expectations and perceptions of both the user and the service provider.
Performance monitoring is primary  both to the providers,  in order to ensure their performance, both for users to have the guarantee of receiving agreed levels of services.

RAD has developed a performance monitoring solution to have visibility of active services, based on three building blocks which are part of the Service Assured Access Solutions portfolio: MiNID, RADview and PM Controller.

New dynamics of backhaul networks, such as the growth of bandwidth (LTE) and number of cell sites, variety of access technologies, multi-vendor solutions, and the introduction of VoLTE, has led to the need for a proactive approach in monitoring on transport network and service levels.

RAD solution allow monitoring of ETH/IP transport, whether for backhaul network or business services, with the three components mentioned above:

  • PM Controller (ETX appliance or NFV),  as high scale test head for always-on monitoring with two-way/one-way KPIs;
  • MiNID, intelligent end point used as both L2/L3 test head or reflector with advanced premium capabilities such as SAT, packet capture, TWAMP controller and micro-burst analysis;
  • RADview, SLA/SLO oriented KPI collection and presentation with drill-down capabilities for fault isolation and proactive maintenance.

Thanks to these flexible solutions, users  can have full visibility, even in real time, on performance quality, with a dynamic and proactive approach for operating saving on fault isolation time, delivering enhanced service quality and  increasing customer satisfaction, both for users and providers.


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