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A day dedicated to smart cities, in all them possible flavors.

We’re living in a context of continuous technological change and, for this reason, this is the right moment to promote a new version of the city, the smart one, that is closer to the citizen and community’s needs and with a greater attention to security and shared information issues.
For this reason, Cluster Smart Cities & Communities with Regione Lombardia, have decided to give space to the dialogue between private companies, local authorities and public administrations. The Smart City Now 2018 event turned out to be the ideal place for this meeting between different realities with the same goal of development, by sharing best practices and know-how to promote innovation on the territory.

C.I.E. Telematica had the pleasure to participate as sponsor to the event, being exhibitor and speaker, bringing the attention of participants on issues such as connectivity and security, with focus on industrial IoT as a motor that enables digital transformation.
According to experts, by the 2020, IIoT is expected to be a $225 billion market, encompassing many thousand of highly distributed intelligent devices.
This kind of growth highlights some issues that, as illustrated by Mauro Mariani, Sales Key account of C.I.E., are going to be critical, such as:

  • Service availability, which must be always-on and still available even in remote locations, where the public cellular network is the only possible connectivity solution, with all the safety and performance problems that follow;
  • Cyber security, a problem that has grown in particular from the switching from private networks to public clouds. Right now, the problem is even tough because of the thousands of connected devices, which can be access points for Cyber criminals;
  • Management costs, linked to the deployment and maintenance of such a number of devices;
  • Data usability, a problem linked to the exponential growth of data collected and hence by the increase of traffic.

C.I.E. Telematica offers a wide portfolio of IIot always-on solutions, with a focus on security (for example, integrated firewall technologies and usage of secure encrypted communications), software of management for all the devices installed, and the possibility to integrate smart end points, which manage and support different interfaces.


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