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One of the leading Italian multi utility firms, managing and developing network and services in the business areas of water, energy and environment, asked to C.I.E.  to realize a new smart grid infrastructure.

The conditions evidenced from the client were:

  • The creation of geographical interconnection through fiber to realize star (PtP) connection  or ring connections, supporting till 1GB speed on single mode fiber;
  • To connect the Ethernet devices in the end site with the support of Power over Ethernet and secure VPN IPsec, and RTU/devices with serial port with the support of tunneling for the serial data flow.

This project become reality with the creation of  networking systems to automate the client’s sub-stations, taking advantages from the potentiality of Raisecom Gazelle S1508i-2GF-4GE-PWR industrial switches.

The solution promoted by C.I.E. stands out from the ones proposed by the competitors, because with a cost efficient system we have offered high quality industrial device, that perfectly fits with the application scenario represented by the sub-stations.
Moreover, Gazelle S1508i-2GF-4GE-PWR is a device with flexible hardware interface  and POE, compliant with IEEE1613/IEC618503 standards, and for this reason it have been evaluated perfect to run in a smart grid scenario.

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