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April 16 and 17, Microsens invited CIE Telematics to their distributor meeting in Germany, along with representatives of other companies from different countries.

Microsens’ product lines, Installation Switch, industrial products and WDM, have been equipped with a last generation new software ver.6, which allows to load App in product and  following a certain event that active it, the app activate  a command such as the switching on or switching off the PoE, the adjustment of the external devices, etc., through the script.

The Microsens management software called NMP, will soon be able to support the features of “App Store”, distributing applications across switches,; NMP will not be more than just a software for the management of the equipment, but will also be assigned smart functions related to the installation of the App on devices.

These innovations open up new application scenarios, which are well suited to the development of industrial and civil automation, for smart cities and smart office, with the offer of products and solutions for building automation through wireless devices that integrate access point  functionality with standard or industrial protocols  to communicate with temperature and humidity sensors and anything that may be part of the home automation.
These kind of applications, which may be reported to the Smart Office, would lead to  focus on the core business, with innovation and virtualization that would allow to act as a remote, optimize costs and reduce waste, thus proving eco-friendly technology.
App installed on the switches allow you to get innovative features and levels of safety and efficiency which are necessary in the current reality of business.

This new technological possibilities, which is going to approach to the world of Smart Office, leading to respond to current  business requirement; Microsens has identified three possible scenarios:

  1. Emergency Button: more safety even in the workplace, the Micro Switch equipped with this new intelligent software is capable of sending emergency calls by pressing a button in case of need. Pushing the button to perform the action described in the script of the application, and the alarm signal is communicated within the network;
  2. Anti-theft protection of IT devices: alarms are generated when the connection of  IP end devices (such as computers, video cameras, etc.) is interrupted, without the need that the device is turned on. If the device is removed or the power is cut, the Switch records the change of connection by sending the alarm. The configuration can be customized according to customer needs;
  3. Intelligence power supply: Micro Switch can control power supplies and energy consumption of the working environment. The consumption control is executed by the Micro Switch through an I / O module.

Switches can be considered intelligent components of the network, thanks to these new features added. The installation of these app on the switch, without the need to change the firmware, added to the products some functionality that before would have been too expensive and would have involved costs in terms of labor and time.
User who prefer programming apps themselves instead of using ready-made ones, can create custom scripts directly at the switch using the microScript language.

Using the right apps, intelligent switches can easily perform extensive and complex functions. Microsens thereby demonstrates that the call for security, efficiency and convenience are not mutually exclusive, but can rather complement each other superbly in modern buildings.

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