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The Smart Office, in which intelligent, distributed systems provide complex and far-reaching functionalities in a user-friendly and cost-effective way and coordinate autonomously among themselves, has already become reality and more and more technical systems are developing towards IP telephones and  video surveillance using IP cameras; in the meantime, admission control, time stamping, heating/ventilation, conference technology, lift control systems and lighting installations are equipped with an IP connection; this development includes the individual assemblies and components, such as sensors and actuators .
The term ‘Internet of Things’ covers all these components networked together, which also interact with each other automatically.

Microsens is focusing its efforts on creation and promotion of Smart Office solutions, to meet the personal needs of the employees and, of course, to respond to the efficiency standard required from the enterprises who are ready to drive their office environment toward a smart revolution.
Microsens has tested this new solutions directly in their office with “App your Net!”, new idea that allows to install apps on the switches to connect lighting, blinds, heating / air conditioning, network access for IT devices and telephones, as well as security technology devices , sensor and controller on them IP network, creating a smart system that is able to reduce energy consumptions (-50%) , ensuring security through all the network via IT security standard and also promoting better working environment.

Micro Switches within the workplace or installation area offer IP connections and, in collaboration with the relevant automation gateways, largely take over the building automation functionalities.
Switches have long since developed from pure data distribution into intelligent, powerful control centers: their high computing power allows them to take on additional and far-reaching functions in building automation.
In addition, autonomous software modules (apps) on the switches provide wide-ranging functionalities. They enable sensor actuator interaction throughout the network, whereby the sensors and actuators can be placed any distance apart. This allows technical building equipment to be controlled with mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Installation and execution of the apps require no intervention in the switch firmware that remains unchanged.
Several apps can run simultaneously on a switch thus providing a wealth of diverse functionalities.
Rather than using existing apps, the enterprise’s own IT department can also write scripts itself. The dynamic, event controlled microScript programming language allows scripts to be created in any text editor and loaded onto the switch. Scripts that have been created with microScript run on a level above the operating system and only have the access rights of the user who executes them. Possible security gaps in the operating system cannot be used by the scripts, which takes into account the increased requirements for network security.

To take the theory in practice, a presence detector identifies that nobody is in the room, the lighting can be switched off, the heating/air-conditioning turned down and the network access deactivated.
In conjunction with electronic time stamping, peripheral devices such as printers or small electric appliances can be switched off automatically via switchable power sockets once the employee leaves the building.

In the Smart Office, the office environment can be adapted to the users’ specific needs and requirements. Employees can individually configure their workplaces Apps on the switches to provide the necessary functionalities as independent software modules.  As a result of the decentralized infrastructure and the software based functionalities of the Micro Switches, the Smart Office is highly scalable. In addition, it does not necessarily need an integrated building approach – a Smart Office can be built up room by room.

The security features implemented in the Micro Switches offer a high degree of security directly at the border of the network.
Workplace and network access are only activated once the user has the appropriate authorization. Otherwise the network port and workplace power sockets remain blocked.
As the concept of apps and scripts created with microScript means they only have access rights of the relevant user, this makes a significant contribution to network security.

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