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A company leader in transportation market and our client for many years, contacted us looking for a new solution to increase the redundancy of a network node, by keeping same granularity and same type of ports used in the current architecture.
Such network node is composed by devices linked with ring connection and with spanning tree network protocol.

This particular network is used to manage the credit card payments for the services provided by our client and, because of the criticality of the function, the main focus was to increase the network redundancy while reducing the recovery time.

The solution promoted by C.I.E. have been presented as a POC, using Raisecom ISCOM 3000, a device that is able to follow the client’s requirements because:

  • The product has double power supply;
  • The devices has all fiber ports;
  • ISCOM 3000 has four 10Gb uplink, giving  the opportunity to expand client’s uplink capacity, that at the time was  1Gb.

During the POC we have faithfully replicated the network node, moving from a ring architecture to a new structure, made by a central stack machine – given by the stacking connection of two Raisecom switches, that appear and behave as a single device – to whom are redundantly connected four switches, with a link for each of the two ISCOM 3000.

The new architecture, in addition to responding to customer needs related to redundancy, it guarantees recovery time in milliseconds, which are timeframes significantly lower to those registered with spanning tree protocol, ensuring  to record of all credit card transactions channeled through the network.

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