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A good network infrastructure in the solid ground for digitization in the public transportation sector.
Robust and intelligent Ethernet switches, compliant ith IBIS-IP and IPxPT standards are needed to implement e-Ticketing, public WiFi and dynamic passengers information services.
Tronteq develops and produces intelligent Ethernet switch for public transport applications only and customized the products for any specific requirement. ROQSTAR expandable switches are unique in the market and they are software upgradable with no need to replace the hardware.

Usually the network in railway application has lots of IP devices that must be connected and, in case of error such as cable break, a redundant ring topology is required. Another challenge is to retrofit older vehicle and provide a fitting IP coupling solution.

By using Tronteq Ethernet managed switches that provide redundancy protocols, it’s possible to combine a ring and star topologies in railway network. Therefore, you can set up a vehicle networks that goes through all wagons; with this configuration, due to the redundant network, in case of failure the communication will stay available.

The solution has lots of benefit, connected to ring redundancy that reduced risk of failure; further all wagons can be configured in the same way while being connected with each other, over the higher level network, making the network easier to set up and to maintain.

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