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Want to check the performance of your network?
Would you like to have visibility on the services levels (SLA) you have reached to evaluate if they comply with what you required?

CIE Telematica has the solution for you!
We’re offering you a 30 days Try & Buy solution of Performance monitoring, composed by:

  • Software to manage and measure the network performances;
  • Three probes in different form-factor (stand alone or sleeve).

Why CIE’s network performance monitoring solution is so convenient?
Here some advantages:

  • Offers the possibility of implementing Service Activation Test (SAT) and Performance Monitoring;
  • Improves the network visibility by monitoring the its status in real time;
  • The monitoring is done in overlay, so it is non-invasive and very simple;
  • Allows automatic network monitoring, on Layer 2 and Layer 3 services;
  • NIDs are MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certified.

Would you have more information about the Try&Buy? click here!



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