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CIE Telematica was involved in a project for an Italian provider who boasts the vastest full-IP next generation fiber optic network in Europe.
The client’s request was to find a technology able to deliver Ethernet services over three different access technologies – SHDSL, VDSL, Ethernet, with device that must be future-proof ready.
For this project, we thought to a mono-device solution equipped with a modular uplink slot, capable to support different access technologies, such as GbE/10GbE, SHDSL, VDSL, PDH/SDH.

The product involved is RAD’s ETX-2i, an NID/NTU next-generation hybrid L2/L3 demarcation device,  with D-NFV functionality, that is became part of RAD’s Service Assured Access Solution.

In the vCPE category, the ETX-2i, new member of the EXT family, offers Ethernet services to customer premises in native Ethernet access networks over various infrastructure types. It provides carrier-grade packet and TDM services for carries, mobile operators and wholesalers, seeking to offer their customers unified SLA-based Ethernet business services over any technology.

ETX-2i provides E-LAN, E-Line, E-Tree and E-Access Ethernet service over FE/GbE interfaces, and also the sale services over SDHSL, PDH and SDH access lines. This device supports an integrated Bridge functionality to allow full support of E-LAN and E-Tree services, as well as ring topologies. In addition to its extensive L2 features, ETX-2i also supports and optional embedded router to support VRF-based L3 services.
ETX-2i incorporates a complete set of CE 2.0- certified Ethernet service tools that allow the service provider to distinguish between high and low priority traffic, and to optimize TCP sessions; furthermore, the device  supports a rich offering of QoS functionality, and it performs OAM and Performance Monitoring measurements with microsecond precision, offering powerful benefit and reports.

All the measurements and reports are collected and elaborated by RADview platform, a Windows-based modular, client-server, scalable management system that can be used in a distributed network topology, or single-station configuration.

RADview is composed by different modules, which are the Management System (EMS/NMS) with FCAPS capabilities (Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security) ; the Service Management that enable easy point-and-click E-Line, E-LAN, and E-Tree Ethernet service creation, monitoring and SLA assurance for network based on RAD’s ETX family; Performance Monitoring, a SLA assurance monitoring system, that enables long term monitoring of Ethernet service performance by collecting KPI  data; and last but not least  D-NFV Orchestrator and Network Planner, it’s the module designed to manage the D-NFV platform and to create, configure and manage virtual machines on the X.86 processor. This functionality includes management of RAD-certified virtual function applications such as routers, cryptography, firewalls, etc. and handles the traffic flow between physical ports and virtual switch.

D-NFV is an assurance the device is future-proof ready and this is possible simply  adding a modular slot  in the CPE,  and turning it into a vCPE, without the necessity to change all the hardware network.

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