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If Industry experts are correct, 5G is set to hit the streets at the very beginning of the next decade.
Smart operators and providers are learning all they can about 5G already today. A key requirement to meet 5G service demands is a flexible wireless backhaul infrastructure which meets more stringent performance, reliability, and operational efficiency targets.

When looking at 5G services, one can see clear trends and characteristics of the underlying 5G network that pose specific and well-defined challenges to network infrastructure.
Such 5G characteristics are:

  • More capacity per device – the main goal of the introduction of 5G servces is to provide ultra-high capacity per end-device
  • New types of devices – the mass introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) services will create an explosion in the number of connected devices, some of whichwill be not-human-controlled devices
  • More devices – the exponential growth in the number of “standard” devices
  • New services – Services such as augmented reality, tactile Internet applications, mobile XaaS, and virtual reality will enrich the service offerings provided by both mobile operators and over-the-top (OTT) service providers

Achieving all these benefits will require huge changes on how mobile network and their underlying infrastructures are built , especially for the wireless backhaule7transportation layer, such as:

  • Higher capacity density
  • Service and network virtualization
  • Mission critical services.

Our partner Ceragon is paving the way to this era with new technologies, some of which are already available (LoS MIMO, Advanced Frequency Reuse, SDN, and Cloud-RAN support) and others of which are under development, such as incorporating new frequency bands, capacity boosting techniques, NLoS operation, and virtualization. All this will help operators dramatically increase their operational efficiency, provide far higher quality of experience to subscribers, and achieve significantly faster time to market for new services and technologies.

5G offers huge and game-changing benefits to mobile users, and even more so to forward thinking mobile operators. The ultimate success of 5G is up to wireless operators and their technology partners, who together can overcome 5G’s many challenges and build mobile networks for the future. Mobile operators must understand and plan for higher capacity requirements, denser cell-site grids, street-level deployments, network virtualization and mission critical applications. Driving wireless transmission to a new era is a must in order to overcome these 5G challenges.

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