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It’s all about MWC and its ability to define market trends and leading technologies, with its 88.500 attendees from 202 countries, including CIE team that joined the event in Barcelona.

Been there helps to define and understand the hot topics that are shaping our industry and creating value both for companies and users.

Speaking about value, the first trend that must be nominated is the 5G acceleration, that has already unlocked value for all the players involved in the ecosystem.
Millions of 5G devices are connected, creating tons of new data; devices are becoming even smarter, facing new necessities and business models that are transforming the market.
Also, 5G and immersive technology are shaping our lives, works and media, with technology as reality+ that enable new business models based on outstanding experience able to engage users attention.
As the exploration of extended reality and metaverse continues, 5G will be key to enabling the latest innovations in the physical, digital and virtual worlds. The customer experience in the next five years will be completely transformed, now is the time to start exploring how to bring this vision to real life.
In this scenario an efficient and responsive network is mandatory and its long-term evolution has begun, by converging technology and protocol such as 5G itself, IoT, Edge and Cloud all together.

Nevertheless, some other trends need to be underline, starting with FinTech solutions, that are becoming more and more relevant with the rise of NFTs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, a real revolution in the financial industry, with new opportunity and risks for digital economy.

Finally, digitalization represents an immense opportunity to create value for every industry: from entertainment, manufacturing and smart mobility, the industrial and enterprise world is facing rapidly moving challenges.
Digitalization and the combination of the real and digital worlds are becoming the engine of the evolution through Industry 4.0 and beyond.

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