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With the support of our partners in Bulgaria, we had the opportunity to propose and implement various hyperlan 5, x GHz wireless connectivity solutions for a local service provider, very active in the Balkan countries.
Our proposal is focused on the family of RAD Airmux wireless devices, in particular on the Airmux-400, for the following main arguments:

  • Carrier-class cost-effective broadband wireless radio system with Layer-2 Ethernet capabilities
  • Net throughput of up to 250 Mbps aggregated (symmetric and asymmetric)
  • Hybrid E1/T1 and Ethernet services on a single platform
  • Multiband operation over 2.3 to 2.5 GHz, 3.5 licensed and 4.8 to 5.9 GHz frequencies
  • High reliability and availability based on robust air interface protocol
  • Long transmission range of up to 120 km (75 miles)

With the use of the RAD Airmux-400, multiple applications have been developed by the service provider, both to expand the network of the operator itself and to provide connectivity to their enterprise clients.

To expand the coverage and the capillarity of the provider’s  network, we studied and implemented “point-to-point” high bandwidth capacity wireless solutions, as cell wireless “point-multipoint” backhaul network in rural areas where, in absence of physical high capacity infrastructure (such as optical fiber), the broadband has been brought by connectivity in wireless technology, with rapid realization times.
Another application developed with the same service provider has seen the use of Airmux-400 wireless technology to achieve base stations backhaul for 3G/4G mobile networks (in geographical areas lacking fiber optic or broadband infrastructure) , thanks to the peculiarities of the Airmux-400 indoor unit (IDU) which is able to simultaneously transport legacy TDM and Ethernet traffic.
For enterprise clients, thanks to the Airmux-400 features, the provider has been able to provide voice and data access through high-speed wireless links, with extremely fast speeds service delivery.

Airmux-400 is an excellent Carrier-Class solution, adapted to meet varied needs of wireless connectivity and, till now, more than 300 RAD Airmux-440 wireless link have been installed on the network of the provider in Bulgaria.

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